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Nashville's Professional Mobile Detailing Company
Auto Detailing Packages
The Bronze Package is ideal for those that are looking for a basic upkeep on their auto. This detailing package is recommended between our Silver or Gold Package service, or for those needing an affordable cleaning.  
The Silver Package is ideal for those looking for a significant improvement in their auto's appearance. This detailing package is recommended twice a year for upkeep and/or for those selling their vehicle. 
The Gold Package is ideal for those looking for a complete auto detailing transformation. This detailing package will truly transform your vehicle's appearance and turn heads!
Starting At
Starting At
Starting At
  • Vehicle exterior hand washed
  • Wheels cleaned by hand
  • Wheel wells cleaned
  • Application of spray wax/sealant
  • Tires dressed
  • Windows streak free inside and out
  • Door jambs wiped clean
  • Interior vacuum
  • Dash wiped clean
  • Center console cleaned
  • Includes all Bronze Package services
  • Surface is decontaminated using a clay bar  
  • Paint is one step polished using an AIO
  • Tar and/or tree sap is removed
  • Wheel wells dressed
  • All leather cleaned and conditioned
  • Carpet and Upholstery steamed
  • Thorough interior surface cleaning
  • Interior dressed with UV protectant
  • Includes all Silver Package services 
  • Paint is compounded/polished/protected which removes 90% + of swirl marks, minor scratches, and holograms
  • Headlights are restored and protected
  • Every crack and crevice are cleaned using steam
  • Headliner safely cleaned by hand
  • Seat belts steam cleaned 
Paint Correction
Paint Correction is the process by which every exterior panel of your Auto is given complete attention. Every imperfection in each panel will be safely removed through compounding and polishing. In some cases wet sanding of the paint is needed to remove Random Isolated Deep Scratches (RIDS) which is included in this package. Paint correction in auto detailing is the most intensive exterior detail your auto can receive. In many cases the paint looks even better than when it was new! This detailing service is ideal for those clients that require their auto's paint to look near flawless. Paint Corrections are very labor intensive and each job is priced according to severity of paint defects. Call Bates Detailing in Nashville TN today to schedule your Paint Correction!